3 Types Of Music That Can Enhance Aquarium Trips

When you visit an aquarium, you will spend a lot of time walking around, looking in tanks, and taking in the sea creatures. As you experience the visuals of animals like sharks, jellyfish, and lobster, you can use music to help enhance your experience. Before a trip to an aquarium park, you can set up a playlist, get your earbuds ready, and immerse yourself.

Check out some ideal music options to help enhance your aquarium trip and enjoy the exhibits even more.

1. Nautical Movie Scores

Through the years, there have been many movies based around the sea. The instrumental soundtracks have the ability to capture the drama and excitement that comes with sea animals. You could choose an uplifting and fantastical film score from movies like Finding Nemo or Free Willy.

If you want a little more intense experience, consider listening to the score for Jaws as you make your way around tanks. Browse through streaming music apps to find a wide range of options and pick some of your favorite sea-based films to listen to. You could listen to a whole soundtrack or mix and match different tracks with a custom playlist.

2. Amusement Park Soundtracks

Along with movie soundtracks, find some inspired songs from amusement parks. Amusement parks often infuse custom music to build up the experience and create memorable sounds to go with specific rides. If you know amusement parks with sea-themed rides, then look for those tracks and add them to a playlist.

The playlist can help set the mood and tempo as you view sea animal tanks and take in all of the exhibits.

3. Authentic Whale Songs

For a truly immersive aquarium experience, you can load a playlist with a lot of sounds and music captured directly from the ocean. Many websites offer direct links to whale songs captured in the waters. The whale songs feature deep tones and relaxing vibes. Some songs may include musical undertones while others feature just the whale noises.

The natural sounds can really enhance the experience and create a stronger connection between you and the sea animals that you see. Along with whale songs, you could mix in other sounds like natural ocean sounds. The audio will help you relax, ignore large crowds, and really increase the focus on the living creatures you get to see.

Prepare a playlist ahead of time so you can pop in the earbuds when you get to the aquarium and fully enjoy the experience.