Jump Into Birthday Fun With Four Trampoline Park Party Planning Tips

An indoor trampoline park can be a perfect place to host a child's birthday party, but it does take some planning on your part to make sure everything goes smoothly and that every child has fun. Here are some helpful tips you can use when planning your child's jump-tastic birthday party so everyone stays safe and has a great time. 

Invitations With Safety Details

Trampoline park venues typically have height and age requirements for partygoers, and some require parents to sign waivers before children can participate in the fun. As you prepare your handwritten or digital invitations, keep this in mind. You'll want to include all the details on size and age restrictions to ensure parents don't RSVP for kids who may not be able to participate. If the venue offers accommodations for kids with disabilities, be sure to provide that information to parents as well. You can print out waivers to deliver with paper invitations, and digital invites should include the link to online forms. In some cases, your indoor trampoline park might even provide complimentary digital invitations with space built-in for all the safety details and information to help you save on time. 

Grip Socks

Socks with grippy bottoms may be required at your venue, so consider purchasing pairs in advance for each of your guests. You can choose fun colors for the theme of your party, and you might even be able to have them customized with a message about your child's special day. Some trampoline parks charge extra for socks, so providing them for your guests means the parents incur no extra costs for their kiddos to attend the event. Be sure to have some spare pairs for adults too, as some parents may want to stay and help their children during the party. 

Private Party Room

As you plan your event, work with the venue to secure a private party room. This provides a quiet place away from all the excitement for kids to sit down and enjoy pizza or chicken fingers and birthday cake. This space can also be used to safely store shoes, coats, and other personal items for the duration of the event, and it provides a place for birthday presents to be dropped off. Be sure to ask about decorations, as some trampoline parks may provide only basic tableware. You can make the space your own with balloons, table centerpieces, and themed tableware. Ask the staff about any decorations you might need to tape to the wall, since there may be some restrictions on this type of decor. 

Party Wrist Bands

If your trampoline park does not provide wrist bands or some other identifier for guests in your party, think about purchasing a set in a single color for everyone on the invite list. Brightly colored, easily recognizable wristbands can help you keep track of all the kids in attendance, particularly if parents drop children off instead of staying. Use a marker to put each child's name on his or her wristband to help you remember the names of kids you might not have met before. You can also put the parents' phone numbers on the wristbands so you can easily find a way to contact them in the event of an emergency.

To schedule a trampoline birthday party, contact an indoor trampoline park in your area.