Three Seating Options At Your Local Comedy Theater

Gathering a group of friends and making plans to attend an evening comedy show can be an outing that all of you eagerly anticipate for weeks. Once you select the show that you wish to attend, your next priority will be to decide where in the theater you want to sit. Lots of venues have a wide range of seating options, each of which offers its own benefits. Take note of these options on the venue's website, explain them to your group, and make a decision that suits everyone. Here are three comedy theater seating options that you may wish to consider.


A lot of comedy theaters have tables and chairs positioned in one or more areas throughout the venue. At some venues, this seating option will be adjacent to the stage. In other venues, it will be farther away. Booking a table for your group can be appealing because it will allow you to eat a meal with ease and enjoy some drinks. Lots of comedy theaters have full menus, which means that instead of finding a restaurant to visit before the show, you can arrive early and enjoy a meal. Once the show begins, you can sit back in your chair and sip a drink while you take in the entertainment. 


If the comedy theater is large enough, it will have balcony seating. Sitting farther away from the stage has lots of advantages. If you choose seats in the front row of the balcony, for example, you won't need to worry about patrons and staff walking in front of you and obstructing your view of the stage. If you have a shy personality and you don't want the performer to talk to you during the show — something that often happens at comedy performances — being far away from the stage in the balcony may help you to relax.

Private Room

Many comedy theaters have private rooms, which can be an enticing option if you have a larger group. You can't see the stage from these rooms; they're a space in which you can eat your meal and share some conversation in private before the show starts. You'll reserve a secondary seating option when you book a private room. This means that once your group is done eating, you will all leave the private room and take your seats in the main area of the comedy theater.

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