Four Safety Tricks For Inflatable Birthday Party Rentals

An inflatable castle, slide, or bouncy house can be an unforgettable addition to your child's birthday party. They make for wonderful pictures, expand the theme of your child's party, and are just all around fun. However, when you get several kids bouncing together, accidents can happen. To keep your kids and their friends safe, there are a few tips and tricks you should consider. 

Make The Shoe Issue More Fun 

Children should not wear shoes in the inflatables, but they should wear socks. This protects the inflatable from damage while protecting children from injury. However, it can be difficult to get excited children to sit still long enough to take off and put on their shoes. But there are several ways to make the shoe issue more fun. If you have kids going into the inflatable in groups, you can have them race to remove and put back on their shoes. Alternatively, having kids decorate their own shoe box during the party can be a good way to keep them aware of their footware. 

Create a "Down-time" Activity 

It's easy for excited children to get over-heated and worn out while jumping in an inflatable. To avoid exhaustion or over-heating, you can put the inflatable into a cycle of activities with a low-key activity both before and after the inflatable. Arts and crafts, story telling, or quiet games are good options. 

Encourage Fluid Intake 

It's easy for excited children to forget to drink water. You can have a juice or water station near the inflatable to remind children to drink. You should keep in mind that sugary drinks can cause cramping and stomach aches, so you may want to offer flavored water or watered-down juices. This will keep the children drinking while preventing adverse affects. 

Have Some Structured Activities In the Inflatable 

While free-time in the inflatable can be a lot of fun, it can also get out of hand faster than structured activities. Explaining rules and goals for games and activities gives children the chance to calm down and breathe for a few moments, and the structured activity can control the flow of motion within the inflatable to avoid collisions. 

While inflatables can be a lot of fun, they can also be potential hazards if you do not take safety into consideration. By making safety fun and engaging, you can have a fun party without worrying about accidents or injuries. If you have further questions about inflatable safety, contact an inflatable birthday party rental company like Big Air Jumpers.