Killer Ideas For Hosting An Adult Romantic Thriller Novel Book Club

If you're looking for a fun way to spice up your book club this year, consider reading books from the genre of adult romantic thriller novels. There's no shortage of great novels to choose from and the romance, mystery, and spine-chilling suspense will banish any boredom your book club may be experiencing. Getting creative with how you host your book club will keep members involved and looking forward to the next meeting.

Novel food

Plan food around the country or city where your novel takes place. Research locations to get ideas for foods specific to an area. For instance, for an Italian theme turn to pizza and pasta dishes or serve wine with a cheese tray if you want something simple and light.

You could also plan a cooking event in place of your usual meeting and have everyone bring an ingredient for a recipe. Prepare the food while you discuss your latest novel. Conclude the evening enjoying a meal together and discussing your next novel selection.

Books and movies

Choosing a novel that's been made into a movie can be fun and entertaining. Watch the movie together and discuss how the movie and book differ. Encourage members to play the role of a director by sharing how they would improve the movie.

For books not made into movies, consider having members join in and create their own mini movie script based on the book. Take turns adding dialogue to the script. At the end of the meeting, enjoy acting out the finished mini movie as a team.

Dress like a character

Have each member select a character from the novel and dress the part. Tell members not to share with anyone who they are dressing like. Take turns guessing which character is represented by each member.

Encourage members to act their part throughout the meeting by taking on the personality of the character they chose. Don't forget to take a group photo of your time together to share with members.

Play a game

Having a game night for your book club is a fun way to add some extra suspense to your novel discussion. Start the meeting by discussing your novel and spend the rest of the time playing a mystery board game. For added fun, allow the winner of the game to choose the next novel to read.

If you're ready to take your book club to a new level of fun and adventure, choosing a mystery/thriller theme for the coming year won't disappoint. From spicy novels to intriguing meetings, it's sure to be fun for everyone involved.