Three Team Building Activities Close To Home To Help Improve Employee Communication

A great method of improving employee communication is to set up a team building exercise. If you have an office and would like to foster closer bonds among the workers, and improve their communication skills, but don't have the money to bring the entire office to a weekend retreat vacation, then you should consider one that you can do close to the office. Many huge corporations have vacation retreats, but this might be beyond the scope of your company's budget. However, there are team building exercises you can do in the office, or in a local environment. Here are three to choose from.

A Doubles Poker Tournament

Poker is a super fun game, but it is normally an individual game. However, one exciting way to change this is by creating a doubles poker tournament. In these style tournaments, a pair of players will have to make decisions together in order to advance through the tournament. The most popular form of tournament poker is Texas Hold'em. It's easy to learn, and fast paced.

In a doubles tournament, two people will share hole cards. There are 4 "stages" of decision making: pre-flop, flop, turn, and river. Each player on the team will take the lead for a particular stage, and have to make the choice without the other person's input unless they use a designated "time out" if there is a particularly tough decision. This game will help them appreciate making decisions in the context of a group strategy, not just going it alone using their own plan. Plus, it's a fun game! You can have a prize for the winning team, such as tickets to a spa or basketball game.

Variation On Escape The Room

If you live in a city where they have Escape The Room events, then this would be an awesome day trip for the office. You can reserve a time for your employees to have the room to themselves. These are strategy team building games where a number of people are put into room and then the doors are locked. The goal of the game is for the locked in participants to figure out how to escape the room. They do they by finding clues and working together to decipher the secret codes and puzzles that are the key to their freedom.

Laser Tag Capture The Flag

If you want something that is really energetic, and also a great team building exercise, then find a local laser tag space. It's safer than paintball but is just as fun. You can set your employees up into two teams and have them play a game of capture the flag. They will operate like an army and, as such, will need to utilize cooperation and exhibit leadership skills in order to succeed.