How to Get More Followers of Your Video Game Streaming Channel

If you want to get a huge following in the video game streaming world, then it takes some work. You can't think of it as a gamer, you have to approach it as a businessman and marketer. When you're playing Dota or Starcraft for your own enjoyment, you can sit around in the dark, in a cluttered room, and focus on the game. If you want followers, and the potential sponsorship from game companies that follows when you get popular, then you've got to be serious about your gaming.

Don't Have a Messy Room

Rule number one online broadcasting is: have a clean room. Think of it like you're on television (some people watch video game streaming sites on a big flatscreen, so you might be). So, do you want people watching a messy, cluttered room? Of course not. Many gamers don't think twice about a messy room, so it is understandable to start broadcasting without cleaning. What you should do is look at some of the popular streamers and look at their rooms. You won't see a messy room.

Use Creative Lighting

The next thing you need to do is install proper lighting. You don't have to go all Hollywood and get umbrella lights and soft-boxes (though some streamers do use these lighting setups, and it is something to consider if you are planning on pursing this seriously).

The best thing to do is have a nice background light. This can be a lava lamp, a neon poster, or even a floor lamp in the corner. This will create visibility in the background of the room. Next, have a light source behind the monitor and camera. This is the main light source and will illuminate your face. Photographers call this a "key light." They sell special lights for this purpose (such as ring lights) but you can also use a regular lamp when you are first getting started.

Get a Quality Microphone

Webcams have gotten better in recent years, but you still will probably want to get a supplemental microphone. Some gamers use headsets, and if you don't mind the aesthetic of wearing a headset that has a microphone, then go with it. But if you don't like that look, then use a dedicated microphone with a good pop filter. These will help smooth out your voice and make the stream much more enjoyable to listen to.

Set a Schedule & Stick to It

Finally, create a schedule and stick to it. If you just log on and start streaming whenever you feel like it, viewers won't find you. Think of how television shows operate. Does Survivor randomly appear on television in the afternoon one week, then late at night the next week? You need to have a schedule, make it public on your twitter and streaming profile, and then stick to it.