Tips for Creating a Playlist for Your College Party

College parties vary wildly in size, length, wildness, and excitement levels. This means that the music is going to have to be different for every kind of party. You don't necessarily want loud hip hop as the core of your playlist if you're having a low-key party with a few friends in your dorm room. In the same way, you don't want the soundtracks for romantic comedies playing if you are having a huge frat party. Luckily, the tips for making a great playlist for a college party don't differ from party to party.

1. Get Your Friends Involved

You don't know all of the music that is out there. This means that any playlist that you put together is going to be lacking some possible hits that could elevate your party from good to great. A few days or hours before your party is set to begin, create a playlist on a music-sharing app, such as Spotify. Then, share the playlist with your friends. Give them the privileges they need to edit the playlist. Make sure that before you share the playlist, you've added 10 to 15 songs to it already. This will allow your friends to see the kind of tone you're trying to set at the party and will allow them to follow suit easily.

2. Get Your Guests Involved

Right when the party is supposed to start, send the playlist to the guests that are coming to your party. Tell them in a message that the playlist is going to be set on shuffle but that they are free to add whatever songs they would like. This will allow you to ensure that all guests have the opportunity to add songs that they will enjoy listening to. This might make your playlist less coherent with regard to theme, but it will definitely ensure that everyone enjoys the party.

3. Consider Using a Radio Feature

Many music apps come with a radio feature. Such a feature allows you to put in one or more bands or artists and then have an algorithm play songs that relate to those bands or artists. This will allow you to get some variety in your party and a decent playlist without you or anyone else having to do any work. This is great if you are having a last-minute party and everyone is coming over in 10 minutes.

For more information, ask the best DJ you know for advice.