Throwing A Carnival-Themed Wedding: Four Fun Party Rental Ideas

Engaged couples are always looking for a way to make their wedding day unique, and a carnival-themed wedding offers a fun way to get your guests excited about coming to your wedding. Here are a few ideas to help create the carnival atmosphere for your event.

A Big-Top Stage

Rent a striped circus-style tent for use over your stage area. If you will be hosting the ceremony and the reception in the same space, you can have the fun of getting married under the big top. If you will only be using the area for the reception, you can have the band set up under the tent during your wedding ceremony to save time.

Popcorn And Cotton Carts

Popcorn and cotton candy carts help to bring that carnival feel to your event, and they give your guests a way to snack between the ceremony and the reception. Be sure that your event planner arranges to have staff working each cart so your guests don't have to help themselves. You can also extend the popcorn and cotton candy idea to your tables by placing tall cylindrical vases in the center of each table. Fill them with popcorn or cotton candy to create a stunning, edible centerpiece.

Bright Table And Chair Covers

Many couples rent table and chair covers for their weddings, but you can make your seating area look unique with a few interesting color selections. Choose red-and-white striped tablecloths, and opt for chair covers in solid primary colors. Rent chair tiebacks in alternating primary colors to bring a cheerful look to each table. Don't forget to hang crepe paper streamers from the ceiling over each table for a tent-like feel. For the head table, add bright balloons around the front of the table for a big finishing touch.

Carnival Games

What is a carnival-themed wedding without a few carnival games? You can rent ring tosses, basketball throws dunk tanks and other carnival favorites for your reception. If there will be young children at the wedding, be sure to purchase fun, kid-friendly prizes for them to win. For an all-adult affair, opt for unique prizes, such as mini bottles of wine or shot glasses. Arrange with your wedding planner to have the games staffed throughout the day.

Planning a carnival-themed wedding can be a lot of fun. Look for unique wedding party rentals to fit the theme and make your wedding day a truly unique event.