3 Tips for Starting Out as an Actor

Acting is a great profession that many people, especially youth, would like to try and do. In order to get into acting on TV shows and movies, you need to know how to break into the market and how to be the best. Here are some things that you need to know about becoming an actor.

1. Get an Agent

Nothing happens in the acting world without an agent. Very few people are simply "discovered" while they are walking on the street. Instead, you will need to put yourself out there, go to auditions, and actively try to get into show business. This happens only with a good agent.

First, you should look at local acting agencies in your area. There will be agents that you can hire to represent you. There will be costs upfront, such as the cost of getting a headshot taken and perhaps the cost of taking acting classes such as those offered by Almost Normal Productions, but after that your focus will be all about auditioning. Your agent will help to get you auditions, and you will continue to audition until you get a role in a show.

2. Find Ways to Identify with Each Character

One of the hardest things about acting is making yourself embody the character. If you look like you are acting or trying too hard, you will never get the part. This is why you need to find ways to identify with the characters that you are asked to play. For instance, if you are asked to play an eccentric artist, you should study artists and then find similarities between you and them. Then pull the similar parts out of you and show them during your audition. Acting is simply showing different sides of you so that you can look real and authentic while portraying a character.

3. Be Patient

Many people fail to recognize just how hard it is to make it as an actor. There are many people who have had great success, and there are others who have tried for years and never made any progress. It is important to be realistic about the fact that you will go to many auditions and only have one or two work out for you. So long as you are realistic about the odds, you will be less discouraged if things take longer than you originally anticipated.

By understanding what it takes to be an actor, you can decide if starting down this path is right for you.