How To Make Your Children Feel At Home In A New Area

Are you moving to a new area of town or to a new city at the end of the school year? If so, you and your children are probably having mixed feelings about making the move. On one hand, you are all looking forward to making new friends and having new experiences. However, you also might be sad about leaving friends and family and things that are familiar to you. Here are some things that you can do to help your children feel at home in your new location. From making your new home feel familiar to doing things like joining a swim club, your actions can make a big difference.

Familiar Things - It's tempting to get all new things for their bedrooms. You'll be smart, though, if you keep their present bedding which is familiar to them. And, here's something really good that you can do. For a few weeks before you leave, spray their bedrooms with a great room spray, something like a lavender or vanilla scent. Then, when you move into your new house, spray their bedrooms with the exact same spray and they'll connect it to a home feeling without you even saying a word about it. 

Once you arrive in your new neighborhood, go to the grocery store together. Going down the aisles will show them that their favorite foods are still available to them. Even though it might sound trivial, seeing things like familiar soup labels and their favorite candies might help them to see that, while many things have definitely changed, other things will remain the same.

Make New Friends - You know how when you go to a fast food restaurant that has a play area your kids make buddies just by playing together? That's a great concept for you to follow in your new town. Summertime will be a good time for your kids to meet people that they will be going to school with at the end of the summer. One excellent idea is to enroll your children in a swim team. If your neighborhood doesn't have its own swimming pool, consider joining a swim club. If your children are very little, the club will offer swimming lessons. If your children already swim like little fish, a swim club will offer enrollment in a swim team. Besides strengthening their swimming skills, they'll have the fun of meeting new kids. Invite kids from the swim club and their parents over to your house so that all of your family can get to know each other better.

As you meet new people with whom you feel you want to establish a stronger relationship, be sure to get their phone numbers, and give them your phone number, too.