What To Expect Your First Time At Atlanta Comic Con

If you've never been to a comic convention, then you might be a bit nervous. Do you have to dress up in costume? Will you be able to get your favorite comic book autographed? What will the crowds be like?  Will there be celebrities?

Well, you don't have to go in blind. Here are some things to know about your first time at Atlanta Comic Con.

It's Not Too Big

One common complaint about the biggest comic con, the one in San Diego, is that it is simply too big. People can't make it into see the panels they want. There are huge lines for the bathrooms. The crowds are so big that you can spend hours waiting in line to see an exhibit, and even then you might not make it in. The biggest comic con has over 100,000 people in attendance. That's bigger than many cities.

Atlanta comic con is not so big that you will get shut out of the events you want to see. It's large enough to draw big name celebs, but isn't so large that you will spend the entire day on line.

Do You Have To Dress Up?

You might have seen photos of people in cosplay outfits at various comic conventions. While it is certainly acceptable to dress up in cosplay, it is not mandatory. Many people like going to  comic conventions to see people in cosplay, but they themselves don't dress up.

If you do want to go in cosplay, then you certainly won't be alone. There are online message boards for people who design their own costumes. You can often meetup with groups who are planning on going if you are nervous about going in costume by yourself.

Lots Of Collectibles For Sale

One of the best things about comic conventions is that you have the chance to see and buy great artwork. These include posters, limited edition prints, replicas, and all other sorts of collectables.

Many of the things you will see are custom made or hard to get online. There are foreign import comics and DVDs, as well as discontinued promo pieces from television shows and movies.

Chance To See Previews

One of the coolest parts of comic conventions are the sneak peaks. You will be able to see clips of upcoming movies and television shows. Often times these are presented by the actors or directors. Shows like The Walking Dead have often premiered future season material, and movies like Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy premiere exclusive clips at comic conventions.