Choosing The Perfect "First Dance" Song For Your Wedding

It seems like choosing a "first dance" song for your wedding should be a no-brainer, right? Whatever your special song is should be the clear winner. Except, what if you don't have a song? What if there isn't any one tune that springs to mind for that momentous first dance, when all eyes will be on you and your sweetheart, dancing together for the first time as husband and wife? Well, you'll need to choose one and that can be a lot of pressure. How do you choose the song that will come to define your first moments as a married couple? 

Decide on a genre

If opposites really do attract, it's possible that you and your fiance do not have the car radio pre-programmed to the same stations. So while you may enjoy pop music, your future spouse may enjoy hip-hop. Instead of focusing on the differences, focus on what is the same. Perhaps you both like country music or maybe you both have an affinity for some classic ballad singers of the past. Choosing a type of music or even a particular singer or band that you both like can really help narrow down the choices.

Listen to the lyrics

Your love story is special and unique to you and your fiance, but there may well be a song out there with words that describe your relationship. Were you friends first? Maybe you didn't even like each other at the start. Did you make a long distance relationship work? Did you overcome obstacles to be together? Find some song lyrics that feel like a nod to your love story and you may just have found the perfect song.

Make sure you can dance to it

If a song is really slow, it may not be one you can dance well to. If you've been learning to waltz, a rumba won't do you any good. Decide what kind of dance you want to do. Don't be afraid to be unconventional. If you want to to a traditional slow dance, that's great, but there is nothing wrong with a fun, up-tempo dance either. If you have the perfect song in mind but the beat is all wrong, ask a DJ (such as those from Pulse Entertainment) if he/she can recommend an alternate version or if it's possible to get a custom arrangement made for you first dance.

Your first dance is a meaningful moment and the pressure to choose just the right song can feel immense. Your perfect tune is out there, though. Just keep your mind open along with your ears and you will find the best song for your first dance as husband and wife.