Designing Your First Tattoo

If you have decided to get a tattoo, you are most likely nervous and excited at the same time. Committing to having a piece of artwork placed on your body is a big decision. You will want to make sure that everything is planned exactly as you wish before going ahead and having the tattoo artist use the needle. Here are some ideas you can use in the planning of your tattoo and what to expect when you go to the appointment to have it placed.

Make It Memorable

When you get your first tattoo, get something that has meaning. You don't want to put any old tattoo on your body. Think about what means something to you and think of a way to incorporate it into a picture or into text. Everyone has a point in their life that has meaning, whether a person, a place or even an object. The tattoo will be with you forever so you will want to have something worth showing the world.

Size Is Everything

Decide what size you would like your tattoo. Do you want to start off small and add more tattoos later on in your life, or would you rather go with the gusto and have it large and in charge? This is all a matter of personal preference. A lot of times people pick a tattoo and it ends up being too small for their liking because they underestimated how much they will love the look of the tattoo after it is drawn. Try some fake tattoos on your body and glance in the mirror every now and then when wearing them. This will help you decide what size you prefer.


The colors you pick for your tattoo should be something that matches your skin tone. The lighter your skin, the more noticeable the tattoo will be. You will need to take special care in finding out which colors will clash against your skin tone and avoid them if possible. All tattoos fade, so keep this in mind, as well.

Where Do You Want It?

Picking the area of where you want your tattoo is just as important as what it is you are putting on it. If you are going to have the tattoo covered due to work or other reasons, you will want to keep it uniform to the body part you will be using. Some tattoos will not look good as an extra-small or extra-large picture. If you are writing a phrase, for example, it will be difficult to tattoo it in an inch long tattoo.